Are corporations people?

This Week From Indian Country Today columnist Steve Russell made this excellent comment in the Jan. 4/11, 2012 edition:

“Last year, in the ironically named Citizens United case, the U.S.  Supreme Court followed the logic of a line of cases declaring corporations to be “persons” within the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment and found them equal to human beings in the matter of spending money to influence politics. In August of  this year, . . . Mitt Romney, kicked it up a notch by declaring in answer to a hostile taxation question at  the Iowa State Fair, “Corporations are people, my friend.  I’m a mere retired judge, but my own view is that corporations are legal  technology, ink on paper, and they have no rights not conferred on them by the  legislature.”

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Mr. Russell makes the excellent point that since corporations are created under state and tribal laws and only exist due to those laws, then those laws alone should define the rights and powers of corporations, and constitutional provisions about the rights of human beings should not be applied to corporations.

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