Turtle Mountain Chippewa bans hydraulic fracking

One tribe has decided not to pursue oil and gas development that entails the controversial fracking process.

According to News From Indian Country, Dec. 2011, at 6, the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Tribe in North Dakota has banned this oil recovery technique.

Fracking is the underground injection of chemicals (it’s my understanding that federal law does not require the companies to disclose what chemicals are being injected??!!) that forces otherwise unavailable oil and gas to become recoverable.

Pollution of ground water sources is one of the biggest concerns.

The Fort Berthold Reservation about 100 miles southwest of Turtle Mountain is currently enjoying an economic boom from oil drilling on its reservation.  (I do not know if fracking is involved.)

One Turtle Mountain citizen is telling her relatives on the Fort Berthold reservation to put their oil money in the bank because they will be buying water later from Turtle Mountain!

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