New book on economic development in Indian Country

My latest book was published last week — Reservation "Capitalism:" Economic Development in Indian Country (Praeger Publishers, 2012). It is available from my publisher:

It can also be ordered on Amazon, but Amazon does not yet seem to know that the book is out in print.  Amazon still says to pre-order it

Here's the description from my publisher's page:

"This unique book investigates the history and future of American Indian economic activities and explains why tribal governments and reservation communities must focus on creating sustainable privately and tribally owned businesses if reservation communities and tribal cultures are to continue to exist.

American Indians are the poorest people in the United States, and their reservations are the most poverty-stricken; as a result, they suffer from numerous social pathologies that accompany these economic conditions. Tragically, most tribal communities were historically prosperous, comprising healthy, vibrant societies sustained over hundreds or thousands of years.

Native American peoples suffer from health, educational, infrastructure, and social deficiencies that most Americans who live outside of tribal lands are wholly unaware of and would not tolerate. By creating sustainable economic development on reservations, however, gradual, long-term change can be effected, thereby improving the standard of living and sustaining tribal cultures.

Reservation "Capitalism": Economic Development in Indian Country supplies the true history, present-day circumstances, and potential future of Indian communities and economics. It provides key background information on indigenous economic systems and property rights regimes in what is now the United States, and explains how the vast majority of native lands and natural resource assets were lost. The book focuses on strategies for establishing privately and publicly owned economic activities on reservations and creating economies where reservation inhabitants can be employed, live, and buy the necessities of life, thereby enabling complete tribal self-sufficiency and self-determination.

• Provides a unique historical examination of American Indian economic activities and private property rights
• Explains how American Indian communities and governments lost the vast majority of their lands and wealth, resulting in the poverty stricken conditions that most of Indian country experiences today
• Surveys the modern-day economic activities of tribal governments and Indian reservations, including gambling
• Examines strategies and principles that can help reservation communities develop beneficial and sustainable economies to preserve tribal life and cultures"

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