Manitoba First Nations angry about Mounties contract

First Nations in Manitoba are suing over the issue of who provides policing in their communities.  The Nations allege they were not consulted during negotiations over a Royal Canadia Mounted Police contract about policing on reserves.

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC), the St. Theresa Point First Nation and the Pine Creek First Nation say the federal and provincial governments did not consult with them when a new contract was signed with the RCMP to provide policing services, including on First Nations traditional territories.

The AMC was recently informed that the contract was signed by the federal and provincial governments.

Unilateral negotiations or a decision to sign a PPSA without proper consultation is unacceptable” according to the First Nations.

“Over the years, numerous issues have been raised concerning the ability of RCMP to adequately and appropriately provide peacekeeping services to First Nations on reserve," said Chief Charlie Bouchie of the Pine Creek First Nation.

Manitoba First Nations have identified various challenges with RCMP services provided under the existing PPSA, including language barriers, cultural misunderstandings and a gap in quality of response times.

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