Blackfeet Nation opens grocery store

In most of the United States this would be an odd story. Federal, state, and local governments usually do not own grocery stores.

But Browning Montana, the capital of the Blackfeet Reservation has only one grocery store and many citizens had to make long trips to Great Falls or Kalispell Montana to buy needed foods.

On April 4, the Nation opened its own grocery store.  It provides foods more culturally appropriate for its citizens, and fresh fruit and vegetables, and also has a small deli where customers can sit and eat. 

The store will also employs 56 people.  That's an amazing statistic and an extremely important reason for the tribal government to own and operate the store.  Keeping the shopping of tribal citizens for necessities on the reservation, and increasing employment on the reservation helps the "multiplier effect" work by keeping money circulating in the local economy as it moves from tribal citizens to the tribal store and to tribal store employees who then spend more money in the local economy.

Economists realize the importance of keeping money in the local community as long as possible to receive the benefit of the multiplier effect and businesses like this tribal store contribute greatly to that goal.

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