How long have Indians been in North America?

A recent news report raises the age old question of how long the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas have been in this hemisphere and where did they come from.

A recent report says:

"The ancient people who have long been thought to be the first humans to colonise North America were actually johnny-come-latelies, according to scientists who have comprehesively analysed the ancient fossilised poo of their predecessor Americans."
Investigators from Copenhagen University say "their results demonstrate conclusively . . .  that the "Clovis" culture dating from around 13,000 years ago – which has long been thought to be the earliest human society in the Americas – was actually preceded by human habitation at the Paisley caves in Oregon."

"The so-called "Clovis First" theory had until 2008 been accepted as unquestioned truth among archaeologists, who considered that the Clovis people – so called from 13,000 year old archaeological finds near the village of Clovis in New Mexico – were the true native Americans." 
And further research in the Oregon cave has found tools that "are of a completely different construction from those found in the Clovis culture. As our radiocarbon dating shows, the new finds are as old, or possibly older than the Clovis finds, this proves that the Clovis culture cannot have been the 'Mother technology' for all other technologies in America. Our results show, that America was colonized by multiple cultures at the same time. And some perhaps even earlier than Clovis."

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