Indigenous peoples told not to have high expectations of governments

The New Zealand press reports that Chief Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos Indian Band (located in Canada) told a global meeting on housing that there's only so much help Indigenous people can expect from governments.

In a talk to the World Indigenous Housing Conference in Vancouver last month, he stated that tribes need to make money so they can re-invest that money to serve their needs.
Victoria Kingi of Nga Potiki and 35 others from Aotearoa/New Zealand attended. She was struck by the chief's speech because his main point is that Indigenous peoples have to look at what they can do as a group, and the partnerships they need to foster to serve their people, and not to rely on non-Indigenous governments.
Ms Kingi says Chief Louie said that it is not that governments cannot help First Nation populations, it's just that they won't.
I have also made that point about the Indigenous peoples of the United States.  Waiting on the U.S. government to "fix" the economic and social issues that we face "is a dead end. The federal government will never provide the amount of funding needed on a permanent basis to create economically healthy reservations for Indians and tribes."  Robert J. Miller, Reservation "Capitalism:" Economic Development in Indian Country 160 (Praeger Publishers, 2012).  Consequently, we have to do it ourselves.  
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