Rabbit Proof Fence

I'm visiting Australia again and giving talks in Brisbane, Adelaide, and Tasmania at various universities and other locations about the Doctrine of Discovery in Australia and gave one talk about Indigenous economic development. 

I just left the Museum of Western Australia in Perth and am struck once again by how sad Australia's treatment of Aboriginal peoples was and the resulting problems that continue to today. I am once again also struck by how similarly Aboriginals were treated here as to how American Indians and African Americans were treated throughout United States history.

In Australia, the "stolen generation" is a well known phrase and historical period when white Australia did their best to assimilate and destroy Aboriginal culture and peoples. The methods were used a bit differently perhaps in the U.S. policies towards black and Indians Americans but the similarities are striking.

If you have not seen the movie Rabbit Proof Fence, you need to see it.  The movie and the people and the "Aboriginal protector" protrayed in that movie, Mr. Neville (called Mr. Devil by many Aboriginals), took place here in Western Australia.

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2 Responses to Rabbit Proof Fence

  1. V. Allen-Olaizola says:

    Rabbit Proof Fence not only portrays the cultural genocide against the Aborigines but also their strength of spirit. The abducted Indigenous children show sheer determination against their oppressors. Not to spoil the ending for those who haven’t seen this particular film, it indeed demonstrates similar traumatic events experienced by Natives throughout the world.
    Good luck with your trip, and thank you again for your diligence for the Indigenous, Mr. Miller.

  2. Dorian says:

    I second your recommendation of the movie “Rabbit Proof Fence” – I’ve seen it a couple of times and thought it very well done and quite eye-opening.


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