Idle No More (continued)

The news continues daily about the Idle No More movement, primarily centered in Canada to resist the Harper government's recent moves.

Here's some commentary from a Huffington blog post.

The post decribed Idle No More a a "surging movement of indigenous activists" that is spreading across the continent.
This author senses that Idle No MOre is "every bit as important as the Occupy movement."
He also notes "that many of its organizers are among the most committed and skilled activists I've ever come across. In fact, if Occupy's weakness was that it lacked roots . . . , this new movement's great strength is that its roots go back farther than history. More than any other people on this continent, they know what exploitation and colonization are all about, and so it's natural that at a moment of great need they're leading the resistance to the most profound corporatization we've ever seen."

The author also concludes:  "The stakes couldn't be higher, for Canada and for the world. Much of this uprising began when Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper rammed through Parliament an omnibus bill gutting environmental reviews and protections. He had no choice if he wanted to keep developing Canada's tar sands, because there's no possible way to mine and pipe that sludgy crude without fouling lakes and rivers. (Indeed, a study released a few days ago made clear that carcinogens had now found their way into myriad surrounding lakes)."

Read more:–think-occup_b_2448552.html?utm_hp_ref=green

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