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Court orders $28.6 million judgment againt Hualapai Tribe

On Feb. 11, a federal judge affirmed a $28.6 million arbitration award against the Hualapai Tribe of northern Arizona last week favoring a Las Vegas developer who built the Skywalk tourist attraction on the Hualapai reservation overlooking the Grand Canyon. U.S. District Judge David … Continue reading

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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society whaling protestors are "pirates"?

The Portland Oregonian reports today on a law suit by Japanese whalers against the whale protestor group, the Sea Shepherd Society in part: "A federal appeals court panel has branded a Northwest anti-whaling group "pirates," ordering a halt to attacks … Continue reading

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Tribe ready to help schools drop racist/offensive Indian mascots

Many high schools and some professional sports teams continue to use offensive and even racist mascots that demean American Indians.  I believe that the NCAA and colleges have fully addressed this issue and even the University of North Dakota State has now … Continue reading

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Can you really learn American history without studying American Indian involvement?

I have written and stated many times that American Indian tribes and Indigenous Peoples need to write their own histories because the mainstream academy and historians almost totally ignore the participation, involvement, and influence of Indigenous Peoples on world history and United States history. Thus, I … Continue reading

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Oregon prosecutes looter of Indian archaeology site

On January 25, 2013, the Oregon Department of Justice announced that a Coos County judge had earlier sentenced a man to five years of probation and fined him $2,000 for intentionally disturbing a Coos County archaeological site. According to the state:  "David … Continue reading

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