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Teaching the complete history of the United States – Lewis & Clark and Manifest Destiny

American Indians and tribal nations have been too long overlooked in the teaching and scholarship of the history of the United States. I have written about the crucial role that indigenous peoples and nations played, for example, in the Lewis and Clark … Continue reading

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Montana's frantic stampede to stop wild buffalo

A seemingly frantic struggle is occuring in Montana against a miniscule return of wild bison in that state. This fight reminds me of the efforts to block the restoration of wolves and grizzlies, and also demonstrates the fear that some cultures seem to … Continue reading

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Was the Oneida Nation reservation terminated?

The United States Supreme Court has requested the opinion of the U.S. Solicitor General on the need to hear an appeal of a case regarding the status of the Oneida Indian Nation’s 300,000-acre historic reservation. The case involves a petition from Madison … Continue reading

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