Treaties between Indian Nations and the United States

I published this chapter in the 2017 book about my tribe. You can download it for free at:

Treaties between the Eastern Shawnee Tribe and the United States: Contracts between Sovereign Governments

The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma: Resilience through Adversity (University of Oklahoma Press 2017)

Robert J. Miller



The Eastern Shawnee Tribe and its political ancestors have long engaged in political and diplomatic relations with other Indian nations, European powers, and the United States. This chapter begins with the Tribe’s role in the Treaty of Greenville of 1795. Including that treaty, the Tribe entered eleven treaties with the United States that were ratified by the U.S. Senate and thus became constitutionally binding. The Eastern Shawnee also negotiated three other agreements with the U.S., one of which was approved by Congress. In addition, the Eastern Shawnee entered a treaty with the Confederate States of America in 1861. Moreover, throughout its history the Tribe has been involved in nearly constant political dealings, relationships, and agreements with other tribal governments. These negotiations and arrangements demonstrate the political existence and the government-to-government diplomatic relationship that the Eastern Shawnee Tribe has always engaged in with other governments and with the United States. The author undertakes a detailed analysis of each of these treaties and agreements and places them within the relevant chapters of the history and the legal history of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe.

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