African Bushmen legal battle over water nears end

Survival International issued a Press Release today.

“On January 17th, Botswana’s Court of Appeal will begin a hearing to decide whether Kalahari Bushmen living on their ancestral lands have the right to water.

The Bushmen, who returned to their lands in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve after a previous court victory, are appealing against a 2010 High Court ruling that denied their right to access a well in the reserve they had used for decades.

The 2010 ruling . . . has been slammed by Africa’s key human rights body for denying the Bushmen’s ‘right to life’.

. . . At the same time as banning the Bushmen from accessing water, the Botswana government has drilled new wells for wildlife in the reserve, and is due to give Gem Diamonds the go ahead to mine at one of the Bushman communities. It also allowed Wilderness Safaris to erect a luxury tourist lodge on Bushman land in the reserve, complete with bar and swimming pool for tourists. . . .”

Read the entire story online.

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  1. Great Story, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing!It is very tough time having no water, which is the basic need of life. I think any alternative must be taken to manage this problem.

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